The challenge

NAPE Expo is the world's largest oil and gas prospecting expo. With up to 1000 exhibiting companies at their shows, NAPE was ready to revamp their pen-and-paper registration system. They asked us to help them replace it with an easily maintainable and scalable web-based registration portal.

Our process

With such a complex system, our first objective was determining exactly what we needed to build. Once we had a set of initial requirements, we began to think about ways to organize workflows and streamline the user experience.

We started with a series of interactive wireframes and visual comps, and progressed into development after discussing our ideas with NAPE at each stage.

The result

With, NAPE Expo exhibitors can register and purchase advertising whenever they feel like it. They can also use the site to easily track which items they've registered for, as well as to find answers to their questions about the expo. Exhibitors have been registering on the site since launch day.

NAPE no longer has to maintain piles of hard copy registration documents, and their new database allows them to easily and quickly find exhibitors' contact information and other details, saving time and headaches. We also provide NAPE with the ability to quickly re-theme the site as each new expo passes and a new one comes into focus.


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