The challenge

NAPE Expo is the world's largest oil and gas prospecting expo. With up to 16,000 attendees at their shows, it's important for show information to be easily accessible to visitors. NAPE needed a smooth and intuitive mobile experience to keep the attendees of their conferences up-to-date and informed.

Our process

After attending one of their conferences and discussing what their ideal mobile app would provide their attendees, we began the preliminary design process, incorporating frequent feedback from NAPE at every step of the way.

As development continued, we expected and accounted for the fact that NAPE works in a fluid and fast-paced environment, and we easily pivoted in response to new requirements up until the last days of development. Our speedy responses to NAPE's changing needs free them up to worry about bigger things in the days before the conference.

The result

Our custom-built Android and iOS apps continue to keep NAPE attendees in the know while they navigate the expos. Features like zoomable, scrollable maps with clickable booths, easily searchable booth and exhibitor directories, and favoriting/note-taking abilities make it a breeze for app users to get around the convention center.

NAPE, on the other hand, appreciates touches like the app's ability to update between expos, changing exhibitor data, map layout, and even color themes - not to mention our hyper-responsive customer support.


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