We're making the games we want to play.

Shiny Box's pet project, Dungeon Quest, is a deep and meticulously-designed action RPG in the vein of Diablo disguised as a casual free-to-play mobile game. Play as a powerful Wizard, a fierce warrior, or a deadly Rogue as you battle the forces of evil across a series of randomly generated overworlds and dungeons.

Regular updates keep our community epic.

We do our best to keep our players engaged with regular content updates, up to and including the addition of two new classes since the game's launch (all for free, of course).

In our spare time, we actively participate in the Dungeon Quest player communities on Reddit, Facebook, and the Dungeon Quest forums.

High-level player support.

We are insanely committed to making sure that each of our players has the best possible experience with our game. With device fragmentation and similar issues, we can't guarantee that everyone will have a smooth ride from the outset, but we can make sure that our response to their issues is fast and as effective as possible. We make a point to respond to any and all player support requests with lightning speed.


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