NAPE Expo mobile app

NAPE needed a smooth and intuitive mobile app to keep the attendees of their conferences up-to-date and informed during their week-long shows. See how we worked together to keep their customers happy.

NAPE Expo registration site

NAPE was ready to replace a pen-and-paper registration process with a scalable, easy-to-use online system. The solution:

Dungeon Quest!

A deep but easy-to-pick-up mobile action RPG, Dungeon Quest! started life as a game jam project and went on to receive over two million downloads across just about every mobile platform you can name. Frequent and substantial content updates along with ultra-responsive player support have helped us nurture an engaged player community spanning the globe.

NAPE Expo interactive kiosk

At regular intervals around the NAPE show floor, attendees will find these interactive touchscreen kiosks providing maps, exhibitor listings, and directions in a slick and easy-to-use format.

NAPE Expo social media wall

This giant media wall provides both a fun platform for increasing attendee involvement and a prime piece of advertising space. Expo attendees can see their NAPE-related tweets and photos appearing in real time, and a large portion of screen space can be used for sponsored advertising and video content.

Space Wars 3D

A casual endless space shooter in the vein of Star Fox, Space Wars 3D provides free-to-play entertainment and eye candy on iOS and Android mobile devices.


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